Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bernard Tomic: The Future Of Tennis?

You are 19 years of age and down 2 sets in a match against a seeded player in front of your home crowd. What would you do? Obviously majority will give up hope and sometimes even break a racquet or two.  Even curse yourself or shout after the points.

But then Tomic does not come in majority and plays at a level with a maturity of a veteran.  What an incredible display of tennis displayed by this immensely talented Australian No.1.  When even the media and tennis analysts had lost hope, everyone was criticizing this youngster for his lack of energetic body language; he came back and won a tough 5 setter from Fernando Verdasco 4-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-2, 7-5.

Here are the game stats:
Match Statistics*
Tomic (AUS)
Verdasco (ESP)
1st Serve %
Double Faults
Unforced Errors
Winning % on 1st Serve
Winning % on 2nd Serve
Receiving Points Won
Break Point Conversions
Net Approaches
Total Points Won
*Courtesy Australian Open Match Statistics

Clearly if you look at the statistics, Verdasco made 23 unforced errors more than Tomic did. But the statistics here does not tell the full story about this youngster from Gold Coast. What was more impressive than his physical strength was his mental strength.  The kind of composure you expect from the players of the caliber of the likes of Federer/Nadal was at a display here in front of a packed audience at Rod Laver Arena.

Never did Tomic once lose his temper in the match whether it was a break point, a set point or a match point which is such a huge contrast from the current crop of upcoming players. He has never lost a first round match here in Australian Open till date (4-0). What was even more fascinating to watch was the consistency and variety in his game. 

Trust me, if you missed this match, catch hold of the highlights and watch them. You will be mesmerized with Tomic’s game. Drop shot, volley, single handed sliced backhand, double handed backhand, sliced forehand and what not- this kid has a complete game and he promises to be the upcoming superstar of the tennis.

If you have the game and composure to carry yourself, you can be a genius on court. No tantrums, he is like watching young Federer playing against the top rivals.  Whoever criticized his father John for his protective attitude towards his son, its time to take your words back as he has honed his son pretty well into the future gem of tennis.

What I have learnt after watching today’s match was: Keep your calm in any situation and play with a positive attitude- you will reach your destination!

Keep a lookout for this kid as he has the potential to be World No.1 in future!

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  1. I can't imagine the shape that Verdasco's head must have been in after that match. He trains so hard and then to let that thing get away from him. Tough.

    1. Very tough...these kind of losses takes a while before they go away from your mind. But I think the good thing is that this is just the start of the season for him so there is still a lot to be played...he can start off fresh and build new memories!

  2. He really did play a great match. For a 19 year old to come back from 2 sets down against a top player like Verdasco is no easy task. To then go and win the next two rounds and only exit the tournament after losing to Federer in the fourth round is something to be proud of. Tomic really will be a force to reckon with in world tennis.

    1. Abs!,In my mind- the maturity and the variety in his game that he has shown in this AO puts him a step ahead of other players (like Harrison, Raonic etc) of his own age. Future looks good for this kid and Australia!