Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Roger Federer, Rank No. 4- Are His Days Over?

With Andy Murray winning 3 titles back to back and claiming the No 3 ranking in the world- What does it mean for Roger Federer - Are his days over?

Let’s look at some figures and then come to a logical answer: 
Roger Federer has won 67 career singles titles in all (4thoverall in the ranking with Jimmy Connors at 109). He has won 16 GS and been at No 1 for 285 weeks (just one week behind Pete Sampras) and probably is the player with the highest number of records to his name.

He said in an interview: I’ll probably be picking the tournaments I like to play the most at this point because I’ve achieved so much. It’s important that I work hard, I practice well, I do all the right things. Olympics is obviously part of that. “.  He also said that he is at peace with the rankings. There is nothing else that he can do.

Isn’t it obvious that a person who has achieved so much in his career will not bother about rankings? He has his goals set and amongst them, GS win and Olympics are prioritized higher.  He is at a stage where he has to listen to his body and be wise about his playing decisions. He cannot go on and play back to back tournaments like earlier. So it was inevitable that he will slip in rankings. The fact that he is taking rest and preparing himself to be in the right situations to win is a sign of danger for his rivals.

So my answer to the earlier question would be – No, even though Andy Murray has surpassed him, it will not affect Federer and his game. And it definitely does not mean that Murray is playing better than Federer now as we all know that Murray has a tendency to choke at a GS stage against Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.  For me rankings are insignificant as rarely a person has won a GS after 30 as World No 1. It’s about the quality of play and mental toughness that takes the person to a GS title and with his 80% win record this year; he surely can surprise us all in 2012!

As Tom Landry once said: “Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it & staying with that plan.”  Sounds like what Federer is currently implementing! What do you think?

Here is a recent pic of Federer practicing in Dubai: Enjoy Federer fans!

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  1. This is a good blog to read. Nice work.

    Federer's been doing fine. In the past, things had been going great for him, luck turning up at the right time and his physical game at it's peak.

    Things are a little different now. He's been a little slow, luck ignoring him most times and the other guys rising to the occasion when it matters.

    I guess it evens out a bit in the end. I'm sure he'll continue playing great, prioritize events, and with a little more luck, he should win a slam soon. He's said before that he's got a good feeling about how things have been progressing and I'm sure he's pretty damn right. His time to win more tournaments and slams might not be too far off.

  2. Thanks Shashank. Read urs too and found it pretty interesting. M not sure about the luck part, but totally agree with the last part of your comment!

    There is always a good and a bad phase in one's career. What matters the most is the ability to bounce back from the dirt and Federer being the champion that he is will come back strongly and he knows that too!

    Thats why he has a plan and a goal and is sticking to the path he chose irrespective of his rankings and points! He has to make sure that he does not injure himself and at the same time is fresh and fit to play at his best in GS and Olympics!

  3. Good article. One has to decide the goals at different stages in the life to achieve the target. Now, I think federar has ttarget to break the GS record and win the Olympic. How to achieve it, he has plan. For him, ranking is not matter.

  4. Great article , I have never doubted Roger Federer and always admired him! I wish him all the success in the world since he has contributed so much to tennis and his humanitarian work!

  5. For heaven's sake, he's only at 4 now by a mere 45 points, don't people think he'll at least return to #3?

    It's not like Agassi falling to 122 in 1997 and climbing all the way back to #1 in 1999.

  6. It's like this. With Federer, a ranking of 3 or 4 is not good enough for fans/media. Having seen him at 1 for so long, people do get a little worried when he drops rankings. He will surely not go sliding down as Agassi did back in 1997, but as long as Federer's not at 1 or 2, people will get a little curious.

  7. Great article ! I have never doubted Roger Federer and admired his behavior on and off the court! All the success in the world for him and his family!

  8. the problem with ranking is that you have to face higher ranked player enroute to GS final....but u see drawa are rigged nowadays..