Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Emerson, Sampras, Federer: The Myth of Invincibility?

Life is all about moments and memories. If these two are cut off from a person’s life, he/she will live like an automated machine tuned to complete daily chores at fixed times. I just walked into a Nike store and there it was- A Big poster of Roger Federer.  I looked at it and my thoughts went to one basic question of life: Can anyone be invincible?

My thoughts wandered to the past history: When Roy Emerson won his 12th GS in 1967, at that time he was hailed as the champion that tennis never had. You fast forward it to 32 years later, and Pete Sampras equaled his record! And fast forward it to 10 years further, Federer won his 14th GS title at FO 2009. Amongst all these victories there is one common thing: The belief that the record cannot be broken: Too difficult for anyone to catch on!

Although Federer’s record is yet to be broken, it’s inevitable that it will be broken one day. Not true only in tennis but in business also if you look at the top companies in the last 100 years only handful have survived and the rest went into extinction. The motto here is not to demotivate you to not to pursue your goals but to make you realize that even though you think your challenge in life is too difficult to accomplish- it’s just a myth. The fact is that if you don’t accomplish it, somebody else will!

But then another question which comes to my mind if someone else will overcome our achievements, then why do it? Simply because that’s all life is all about- building moments for you. The satisfaction at the end of life that you gave your best is more important than knowing that you didn’t try because you/others thought you couldn’t. It’s this feeling which  keeps champions like Federer keep on going to achieve even more when they can be satisfied with what they have already accomplished.

Think about it- at the end of your life- lying down do we want to think- Oh I wish I could have tried just once more to achieve my dreams? My choice- Try it out while you can, go on and give your best and you may or may not achieve goals but one thing is for sure- you will make a lot of memories which will bring a smile on your face in the end- something you can be proud of and brag about!

No goal, no life and no memories or One Life, One Goal, One more try and Multiple Memories!

Which one would you chose?

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  1. If Federer can get a couple more slams .... it will be virtually impossible for anyone to get to 19 ... the game is only getting more physical by the day and for a person to win almost 4 full seasons .. say 22 - 26 .. and more is going to be awfully tough ... what's your say ?

  2. Jai good question:Look at this: When McEnroe & Connors were playing, Sampras came and made it more physical and athletic, When Sapmras was playing, Federer came and took it to the next level, and Now Nadal and Djokovic has taken it to even higher levels, So relatively speaking-it has always become more physical and still the record was broken- So very tough but not impossible!Who would have thought in Jan 2011, that Nadal will not be able to get close to 14 GS Mark- That's the beauty of tennis- one cannot predict anything:)

  3. The bar hasn't yet been raised, nor has it been lowered. Yes, the physical aspects of the game might have become overwhelming compared to the past, but that's just one thing. Federer was utter dominance. That level of play has not yet been surpassed. Current Djokovic, albeit with a different game (less (natural) skill, more tiger blood*), might be equalling that, and adding both Nadal (and Federer) we see a greater group of pronounced top players, right? The general level has no doubt increased over time, which is bound to happen. Still, our tennis mountain has no peak higher then Roger yet. Now beware Novak "El Toreador" Djokovic.

    *no substance use reference