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Will Roger Federer Bounce Back And The Myth of Age 30?

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Written by: ApekshaHA on 10th August 2011

A friend of mine, who was getting married, told me an interesting fact recently:  for bachelors, marriage can be looked at in two ways, The end of journey or start of a new journey. As Federer enters the 30’s club, it’s the same case for him. For people, it might seem as end of an era when he lost in Wimbledon Quarter Finals; but for me, it’s the start of a new journey for him. Why? Read on to know the reason.

Life is a sinusoidal curve with ups and downs, highs and lows ready to take us into new paths in life. Historically, there was a time when people thought that  Bjorn Borg would go down in the history as the greatest ever. Then Pete Sampras emerged and dominated tennis during 1990′s. When he retired, many regarded him as the greatest. But he was surpassed by Federer in 8 years’ time. He not only surpassed Sampras in Grand Slam titles but is also considered by many as the one who changed the face of tennis with his charming personality. Just when Federer was thought of as invincible, Nadal came knocking on the door with a claim to the throne; and when Nadal was starting to establish his credibility on all type of courts, though too early to say, we might have another claim on the throne in future-Novak Djokovic. Who Knows?

The point here is that no one is invincible in his life. If there is a high in your life, you will also experience the opposite in your career. And that’s the fact of life. So the biggest question is will Federer be back in his career?

Yes. Every good player has a high and which is invariably followed by a low as he advances in his career. The difference between good and great is the ability to bounce back from this dirt. It’s not the age that matters, what matters is the person’s sheer will and determination to continue to move forward. Here are a few examples from history:

1) Rod Laver won 4 Grand Slams after the age of 30.

2) Pete Sampras (seeded 17th at that time) surprised everyone when he won his 14th Grand Slam at the age of 31.

3) Not to mention Ken Rosewall, arguably amongst the five greatest players of all time, won his last Grand Slam title at the age of 37 and after two years reached the Wimbledon Finals.

4) And there are so many others – Jimmy Connors who won US open at the age of 31, Andre Agassi who won Australian Open at the age of 32 etc.

If you look at the greats of the game, they had competition from the likes of John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg, Boris Becker, Jim Courier etc. during their time, but they managed to overcome all the odds successfully.

The simple rationale is – If you think you can, you will.

“I’ve won so much that you feel like if you put yourself in the right position and you do all the right things you’ll definitely get a shot of winning big tournaments.”
“My planning has always been long term. I’m looking forward to how much more I can achieve from this point on.” – Federer.

Here is a champion who has won more Grand Slams than anyone in history. He still believes in himself and knows that he can go that extra mile. For some, it might be the end of his journey but as I see it, it’s the start of a new chapter in his life. A chapter that he wants to write down in the history book as a successful one.   He has broken so many records; I won’t be surprised if he goes on to achieve the milestone of winning multiple Grand Slams after the age of 30.

So many greats of the tennis world have done it before, so can Federer!

For me there is no reason at all for Federer fans to panic or think that his era is over. The champion that he is, he will be back soon.

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  1. I am amazed to see such an amazing post. Keep up the good in chandigarh

  2. Very well written post! Full of life wisdom, perspectives and positivity. Good to know that Roger is at peace with the stage of his career and look forward to the challenge. For me as a fan, I will learn to accept and look forward to what else is installed from hereon. Cheers!

  3. Apeksha...who are you?Such a wonderful post...with lots of wisdom.

  4. Thanks a lot for your comments:). I believe that if a person thinks he can, then he can always achieve his goals. It is not only true for Federer but for every person in their lives! Never loose hope.

  5. I believe your article is wonderful - full of wisdom. I do believe getting to be 30 is a marvelous time in our life. You are still young but more mature. My 30s were great years and now that I am in my 60s my life continues to be great. It is just a matter of the approach you give to each day and the joy of living. Just by watching a sunset there is joy. To me the word ¨boredom¨ does not exist in my vocabulary. I thank God every day for keeping my alive and healthy.

  6. @Anonymous-Aug 13th, 7:57 PM; This is the best comment of this entire blog. It made my day and couldn't agree more with you. I think you have summarized the entire life in few lines! Thanks much:)

  7. saw Roger practice for 2-l/2 hrs. on saturday morning at the Cincy tournament. He was already out of tourney but there practicing.

  8. actually roger said "the body decides when do you retire not the (AGE)" he is a real genius LOVE U ROG

  9. Wonderful blog about my hero, Federer. The day he retires will be a great loss for the beautiful game of tennis. The beauty has gone out of the game now with the big powerful hitters, but Federers beautiful moves, shots and his charisma will be sorely missed.

  10. "The simple rationale is – If you think you can, you will." Well, that's a nice thought, but ...
    CAN Roger win another major. At 30, of course he CAN. WILL HE win another major, that's a more interesting question. I am hopeful that he can, but it's not merely a matter of his thinking that he can.
    If Roger were 40, he could not win another major. But at only 30, he certainly can ... but will he?

  11. Apeksha, this is very beautifully written Article. Whoever is winning right now but Federer is unbeatable. There is no comparision for his classic shots.

  12. Federer proved it again winning Dubai today. The guy is not only NOT slowing down, he is getting better!

  13. You're so right Apeksha. Roger has won Wimbledon 2012 at almost 31 years old, and I agree with you that he can still win multiple Grand Slams before he decides to retire and enjoy the next phase of his life. I believe Roger will be the first male tennis player to win more than 20 Grand Slams!