Saturday, June 11, 2011

LeBron-Wade – Probable Sinus Effects Of Their Gimmick On Game 6

One would expect humility and perfect gentleman behavior from the stars of the game. And that’s what makes them so popular amongst fans. Be it Roger Federer or Messi, people like them for their down to earth attitude.

The recent headlines off late going around seems to be focused on the future 2 Hall of Famers D-Wade and “King” LeBron James. Their recent gimmick of mocking Dirk Nowitzki illness (although they didn’t mention his name)is something not expected out of the biggest stars of Miami Heat. The last time I remember similar thing was done by Novak Djokovic and he became an instant figure of dislike amongst the fans in US Open.

I don’t know the result but after watching this gimmick, the fans of Miami Heat will feel a bit let down. As embarrassing as it was to see Andrew Bynum pull of the cheap stunt on JJ Barea, this act again somehow depicts the uncharacteristic behavior of star players on and off field. They have a following of millions of fan and with this kind of display; they are not going to win hearts. As it is, the King has become Public Enemy No. 1 after his famous words, “In this Fall, I'm going to take my talents to South Beach”. This is like adding more fuel to already the biggest fire in his career.

After suffering a loss in Game 5, the focus from Dallas’ victory has moved to this gimmick. I just wonder what impact it will have on the teams’ performances and fans support. Will Dallas Maverick (the kind of toughness and unity that they have shown) will be fueled more to close out the championship or lose their focus and fall in the trap of these two superstars (as claimed that they wanted this to be blown up.

In Game 2, It was both these players who had supposedly celebrated in front of the Dallas bench which fueled the Mavericks so much that they overcome a deficit of 15 points in 4th quarter since Chicago Bulls in 1992. So it would be interesting to see the outcome of Game 6 on Sunday.

Personally I would like to see Dallas win to set an example to every sports lover that you win by playing together and not by mocking other players.

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